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Producer Compensation Disclosure

Lonestar MGA sells its policies through a select network of professional independent insurance producers. Producers are vital to our organization and the service that we provide to our customers. Their expertise, customer service and local presence are instrumental to the way we promote and sell our products.

Independent producers are not employees of Lonestar MGA; however, we do compensate them for placing insurance with us and for providing other customer service to our policy holders.

We pay producers a base commission for each insurance policy they sell. The commission is paid for new and renewal policies with Lonestar MGA. The commission is a percentage of the premium charged to the insured for the policy. The amount of the commission varies by the type of policy sold, state where producer does business, and a host of other variables.

Throughout the year, we may also provide incentives or contests to encourage producers to place business with Lonestar MGA. These contests generally offer either cash or prizes to the producer when he or she sells a particular Lonestar MGA product that the contest serves to promote.

We may also reimburse an producer’s expenses relating to marketing activities. This may include advertising materials, training expenses, or goods and services that help to promote our company and our products. We also may pay for business meals and provide other entertainment for our producers.

From time to time, we also send producers complimentary items of nominal value in order to introduce new products or services that are available to them and our customers.

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